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BookingBase: Your Online Partner


  • You pay no commission.
  • We don't demand an unfair allotment of rooms.
  • You manage your details.
  • We guarantee revenue of 4 times what you have paid in fees. Alternatively, we will include your email and booking engine link ( in our booking interface so guests can contact you directly thus giving you twice the exposure. BookingBase will not guarantee revenue if you Choose this option.
  • Low membership fee from $1 per room per month.
  • We don't deal with your guests in anyway.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Contract can be cancelled with one month notice.
  • Pay for one month get one free.
  • Real time service gap analysis (in development).
Partner With an OTA that Doesn't Charge Commissions.

Are you tired of paying hefty commissions to online travel agents? Fed up of being bullied into offering unfair room rates? Want to be in full control of your inventory? If so, our team at BookingBase may be able to help.

What is BookingBase?

BookingBase is a new online travel agency with a difference. We employ a business model that offers a fair, equitable and profitable deal for the industry. We have a highly efficient and self-managed system, and a booking engine platform that is easy to use and that hands over the control of the money, inventory and total management to you the hotel owner/manager.

How Does It Work?

Partnering with us is easy. All you need to do is register your property online for a one year contract and pay your membership fee. This fee is based on the star rating of your hotel and starts as low as $1 per room per month for 3-star hotels. It really doesn't get any better than that!

Benefits of Partnering With Us.

We value your partnership and we do our best to make it worthwhile. So, here's how you can expect to benefit:

Register Your Hotel Today!

Say goodbye to high commissions and hello to higher yields and profitability. Become a member of BookingBase today by registering your hotel at: For further information, please feel free to call us at (insert phone number) or drop us a line at ( Sincerely,

The management and staff at bookingbase


The team at BookingBase.

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